Thursday, October 20, 2005

Rose Quartz is a Versatile Rock to Work

Rose quartz is a massive crystalline form of quartz that is colored by
manganese or titanium. The color can vary from deep rose red to pale pink. The price of rose quartz varies with the color. The pale pink is fairly inexpensive.

Famous deposits exist in North and South Dakota, Colorado, Brazil, and China.

You will often find rose quartz used in jewelry or as a carving stone.

To polish rose quartz in your rock tumbler, follow the instructions for agate (these will be the general instructions for most tumblers). Rose quartz is easy to work with, but watch out for natural fractures. It is common to have broken pieces come out of each stage. Definitely take these out of the tumbler before continuing on to the next stage.

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  1. Rose quartz is all about the Love. If you sent me to a deserted island and all I could take was one rock, I would take a big, honking chunk of rough rose Quartz Jewelry. Why? Because love protects, heals, nurtures, expands, and unifies. And it does it gently. It doesn’t shake your world up into little pieces in the process. It isn’t pretentious, a drama queen, or an overdressed wizard with sparks flying off his fingertips. Rose quartz is the presence of compassionate acceptance that begs you to see yourself and others in a loving and soft way.



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