Saturday, October 15, 2005

We have the greatest rock shop community!

Rockpick Legend Co. started as Lewis Rock Shop in 1964. Over the many years, a great "community" of customers has built the Rock Shop. We're never quite sure how to address our newsletters, since "Dear Customer" seems really cold, and not truly applicable to the relationship we feel exists. Most of our customers are friends and comrades. Here are a couple of unbelieveable, but true stories:

When we bought the Rock Shop in 1995 there was a rhodochrosite necklace in the store that Anita really wanted to keep, but we couldn't afford it. When Anita sold it, she mentioned how much she loved the necklace, too. A year later the "customer" that bought the necklace sent it to Anita with a note saying that they had enjoyed it for a year, and now she could enjoy it, too. We cried.

Our youngest child, Zeke was born in 1999. "Customers" brought us baby gifts. Our hearts were touched.

We've had "customers" give our children gifts based on the individual interests of the different children. "Customers" have brought us souveniers of their vacations--including some beautiful Mexican wall hangings. "Customers" have brought us lunch. We've received so many displays of kindness from our "customers," that we can't even mention them all here, even though we appreciate each and every one of them.

When we started this blog we sent an e-mail to our rock shop community asking them to help us compile copies of our 10 years of newsletters. Once again, we owe a great big thank you for the help we've received! I'd especially like to thank Sandra B. for sending in 11 articles.

Thank you all. Please comment on the articles if you've had experience with some rock, or been to some site. We'd really like to hear about it. If you'd like an article on a specific topic, please request it. E-mail me at

Rick Dalrymple

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