Saturday, October 29, 2005

Why Covington Rock Saws are Superior

We are now carrying the Covington brand of saws and lapidary machines. They are a little more but they are well worth every penny.

And here is why...

1. Covington Saws are100% made in the USA. Everything is heavier duty, stronger, thicker, etc.

2. Covington saws use more oil in the reservoir at a time. This may sound like a bad thing but think of it this way: The more oil you have in the reservoir the longer you can cut without heating up the oil and the blade. This means longer cutting times with less wear on the blade. The blade is the big consumable in cutting rocks and cutting down the replacement cost is a great advantage.

3. Covington saws have a more accurate cross feed mechanism. When you are slabbing you want a very precise thickness of your slabs. Covington vises crank at a rate of 1/16" per turn (4 cranks per 1/4"). Covington's saws eliminate the guess work out of slabbing. It also saves on the grinding process. You have less to remove when making cabs.

4. Covington's 12", 14", and 16" slab saws all convert to a trim saw in less than a minute. NO other brand of saw has this incredibly versatile function. This eliminates the need for a separate trim saw which will save you about $500 dollars. This feature alone makes the Covington saw a great choice.

5. My favorite!! Covington saws use as horizontal clamp. This means the rock is clamped from front to back. This may not seem like a big deal but when the rock is being pushed through the blade the horizontal clamp gives the rock a push from the back making the pressure on the rock equal and leaves the rock with no place to go.

A Vertical clamp is very prone to allowing the rock to twist out of the clamp as the rock goes through the blade. It is when the rock comes loose from the clamp that you loose your blades. Once a blade is bent it never cuts the same smooth cut again. If for no other reason than the clamp, the Covington saws are excellent!

Come in and see the quality difference, or visit Covington Rock Saws.

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