Saturday, August 18, 2007

Be on the level and not carried away with the Karo!--Rock Tumbler Tip

Here is a rock tumbler tip from a customer--Thanks, Duane!

Hi Rick, I've had two bad experiences with my Thumbler double tumbler recently. Both of these bad experiences were my fault.

I came home to find the tumbler stopped (good thing the motor has heat protection!). This was the first time this had happened and luckily my wife asked if it could have been the Karo I used. Turns out she was right, I had cleaned the tumbler off from what had leaked out but never cleaned the barrels. In my hurry to start a batch of Picture Jasper and Burro Creek Agate, I just reused the sticky tumblers.

The sticky tumblers would climb up the retaining washer and jam between the rollers. No problem, clean up some more and let the motor cool and I'd be off again.

Sure enough, the tumbler went into service just as it always does.
However, I get home from work the following night and find the same thing, the tumbler over heated and shut off.

This time I restart the tumbler and watch it for several minutes only to see one barrel climb up over the retaining washer. It didn't take long to realize that I had moved the tumbler off of a level surface. This was making both barrels gravitate to the retaining washer. The tumbler was moved back to a level spot and has been happily tumbling for quite a while now.

Lessons learned, wash your barrels if they get dirt built up on them and make sure the tumbler is on a level surface before starting the motor.

Just thought I'd send you an update on using Karo and suggest a word of advice about making sure the tumbler is level (you might find out your garage floor or work bench isn't as level as you thought they were).



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