Thursday, February 03, 2011

Grit Contamination

Contamination is a major problem when it comes to getting that polished wet look on your rocks.  It doesn’t matter if you are tumbling, faceting, cabbing, or cutting spheres.  Here are a few tips on eliminating contamination. 
*If you use sanding belts or discs you can store them in zip-lock type bags when you are not using them.
*If you are doing tumbling, keep the grits away from each other and never open more than one at a time.  Even the dust from one floating in the air will contaminate a finer grit.
*Make sure you wash your hands between handing belts, discs, cups, wheels, barrels, lids, bags of grit, etc.
*When you are done washing your rocks, cups, barrels etc. re-rinse your tools, rocks and hands once last time.

It is paying attention to these small details that will help you get that final wet-look polish on all your rocks.  It not only saves time it will save money.

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