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2012 Expedition Schedule

2012 Expedition Schedule

Date Expedition Cost Difficulty Vehicle Limit Notes

April 14th: *Dugway Geode Beds $125 2 car 35 Limit 2 buckets
April 21st: Trilobites $65/35 2 car 35

May 5th: Solar Wind Bixbyite $125 4 car/4x4 25 Car w/ hike
May 12th: Holfert Pits/Topaz $125 4 car/4x4 25 Hiking

June 2nd: Azurites $125 2 car 35 Limit 5 pounds
June 23rd *Tourmaline/Mica $110/day 2-3 car 50 Lodging

July 14th: *Dugway Geodes $125 2 car 35 Limit 2 buckets
July 28th: *Tourmaline/Mica $110/day 2 car 50 Lodging available

August/September/October Schedule will be out by the middle of July.
Schedule is subject to change for many reasons beyond our control. Expeditions are non-refundable.

*Dugway Geode Beds: There will be a back hoe digging to assist us in collecting. This means we will be able to access the lower beds where better quality and larger geodes are located. We are limited to 2 five gallon buckets which can be a lot of smaller geodes or a couple of larger ones. Recommended for Kids of all ages.

Trilobite Beds: We always get to dig in the better layers and the better rocks on our expeditions. We are limited to 2 five gallon buckets plus a couple of larger plates. We can not carry our rock to sort later. Recommended for kids of all ages.

Holfert Pits & Solar Wind Claim is for Bixbyite & Topaz & Red Beryl. There really is no limit. Expect to work really hard for your finds. They come few and far between but are always worth the effort. A quarter mile hike is involved if you have a 4x4 or a 1/2mile like if you have a car. It is not a particularly hard hike but the trail is very small. Not recommended for small kids.

*Tourmaline Mine Expedition is in South Dakota. It is the Bob Ingersoll Mine just outside of Keystone, near Mt Rushmore. Here we expect to collect muscovite mica with blue tourmaline (indicolite) crystals. Other finds from here will include amblygonite, REE minerals such as tantalite and columbite, pink apatite crystals, lepeidoite (gem grade), and rose quartz. The rose quartz is being hauled in from a different mine and it is going to be available by trade only. Bring a specimen from your collection you are willing to trade for rose quartz. The mine owner likes large specimens so I suspect the larger the specimen you bring the large the rose quartz he will trade This is for fun so make sure you are in the spirit of fun for this trade. Great expedition for kids. Possible the best valued expedition of the year. Limited lodging is available at the in Keystone area at a special price for those of us going. You can collect Friday, Saturday, and Sunday @ $100 per person per day. I will be there all those days.

To reserve your spot on any of these expeditions, CLICK HERE or come in to the store!

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