Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Ludwigite

Ludwigite from Utah

Ludwigite is a rare iron, manganese, boron mineral.

Even though it was first discovered at Ocna, Banat Mountains, Caras-Serverin Co., Romania, one of the most famous locations is Big Cottonwood CanyonSalt Lake CountyUtah.

Another Utah location is West Springs, Beaver Lake District, Beaver Co. Utah.  Here the black needles of ludwigite can be pseudomorphed to the creamy-yellow mineral szaibelyite.

It is named in honor of Ernst Ludwig (1842-1915), Professor of Chemistry, University of Vienna.

J.D. Dana, the father of modern mineralogy, listed the Alta Stock in Big Cottonwood Canyon as a main location in his “A System of Mineralogy”.


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