Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for Xenotine

Xenotime is a rare earth phosphate whose major component is yttrium phosphate.  It often contains dysprosium, erbium, and terbium.  It may also contain uranium and thorium making it radioactive.  It is the chief ore of yttrium.
One fun aspect is that sometimes is exhibits color change, meaning that under different lights it is different colors.

Its name is Greek meaning “vain” and “honor” in reference to the yttrium.


  1. I like your X better than Xylophone & Xenophoobia :) Thanks for selecting Xenothine.
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  2. Hey, there, Rock and mineral person! So nice to meetcha'! I always wanted a rock tumbler, but just never did get one. They look like they would be so wonderful to have. Well, I am just a passin' through, on my way through blogland to a and z challengers. Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy

    1. Wonderful to meet you as well. Thank you for stopping by!

      Rock tumblers are tons of fun! Definitely something to look into getting.

      Thank you so much!



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