Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bottles, Screens, and Display Stands Now In!

We are pleased to announce we have procured a new source for the glass bottles! We now have them in 4 sizes starting at just .80 cents each! These are great for topaz, sun stones, gold, garnets, element collecting, sand, beads, jewelry making and more, and you can see all 4 sizes here

Also just in are the sifting screens for collecting small mineral samples! You can use these screens to collect topaz, red beryl, garnets, gold, etc. These screens come in 1/2" mesh, 1/4" mesh, 1/8" mesh, and 1/20" mesh and you can see them all here

Finally we just got a huge shipment of display stands in! These stands are for fine minerals, fossils, slabs, geodes, eggs, spheres and more. With over 20 different types and sizes in-stock we can find a way for you to display just about any specimen. You can see our online selection here, or come in for even more display stand options. 

There is your happenings at the rockshop update! Hope to see you soon, for questions please call us at 888-762-5746 or locally 801-355-7952. Thanks! Rick & The Rock Crew. 

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