Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Complete Rock Experience Bingo

Come In - Stop By - Say Hi
Everything you do with the rock shop and crew this summer could be one step closer to BINGO and big prizes! 

We have put together BINGO cards for some added summer fun this year! There are boxes to you can check off by just coming in to see us, participating in our Summer Carnival, rock hounding trips, classes, Facebook quizzes, and more! So come in and pick up your card so you can start collecting stamps (only someone employed by Rockpick Legend Co. can stamp off a box) the first 6 people to reach BINGO will be receiving big prizes at the 3rd annual rock shop rock show! 

The grand prize winner will be treated to lunch by Rick, and will be receiving an afternoon of free identification, and cleaning services by the rock crew! 

The second place winners (5) will each be given a VIP pass to the 2013 Pre-Launch party! Details to come however, we can tell you that there won't be any waiting in lines for calenders, to RSVP on trips, and more! 

No purchase necessary to win, however, bingo cards are only available in-store. Bingo boxes must be checked off by Rick or one of the other crew members at Rockpick Legend Co.

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