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Local Wire Wrap Artist Kathy Hacking

Local Artisan Jeweler Kathy Hacking

Kathy Hacking is one of the many artists that not only frequent the rock shop but also display their beautiful art work here! Kathy teaches many of our Wire Wrapping classes, and visits the farmer's markets and craft shows around Salt Lake City. She has been wire wrapping for years, and is both talented and an excellent teacher! We asked Kathy if she'd be willing to do a small interview with us as part of our outreach to support local artisan jewelers. 

About Kathy Hacking:

I currently offer intuitive healing, massage therapy and inspired jewelry.
I am a gifted multimedia artist with over 20 years of experience creating beauty in the world. 
I joyfully give my best efforts to every person (and project) I work with. The attention to detail that I developed for my sculpture, beading and painting is evident in the thoughtful nature of my wire wrapping and teaching. This winter I am also teaching at Eagle Gate College in their Massage & Bodywork Program. Teaching is one of my favorite ways to spend time and energy..... if you hadn't guessed!!  =D

Question: What inspired you to start making jewelry:

Answer: It was the materials! I think I was 11 when my mom gifted me with all the 'bits' from her own jewelry box ( What was left of the stuff I broke when I was little.) I was fascinated by the bead colors and endless combination possibilities - though it was a long while before I figured out some pretty basic techniques that let my creations have durability.

Question: Did you start with wire wrapping?

Answer: I began with further unraveling of the broken beaded pieces from my mom. Shortly after that I started purchasing second hand and damaged beaded things at thrift stores so that I could take them apart... and glean components to recycle! I still enjoy the challenge of recycling a limited supply of old components into a new imaging. 

Question: Did you take lessons or were you self-taught?

Answer: I initially learned as much as I could about wire wrapping from library books. I was very frustrated with round craft wire and ready to give up wire work! A friend showed me square wire and directed me to invest a little more in my materials and try again.... =D The difference that that change made in the end product was encouraging enough to keep me going.

Question: What do you think the hardest thing about wire wrapping is?

Answer: Having the patience to keep at it while the piece doesn't look right can be very difficult. That is quite a lot of the time! Usually it is at the very end of construction when things tighten up and get gently nudged into a suitable appearance... then it looks right, and at some point I have to stop messing with it! Acknowledging when the wire has met its limit can be hard too.

Question: How did you get started selling and teaching?

Answer: Selling began with my sculpture and beaded work. I had so many lovely things and my friends and neighbors kept buying the originals or asking for a duplicate - which I very rarely manage to pull off! Even with the beading, where it could be a step-by-step recreation, I tend to come up with a new variation half way through. 
The teaching of wire wrapping was actually instigated in 2011 by my own desire to make myself create the written instructions and photographs. I would schedule a class and get it announced and then have to make the corresponding pages to print before that date! 
All through 2012 I pushed myself to offer 11 new classes AND write up the instructions for those projects. I will likely continue with that habit at a less hectic pace. Teaching in general has just always been something I am doing and being.

Question: Was it hard to break into the artisan jewelry scene in Utah to start selling?

Answer: I honestly didn't know it existed! I have just been creating because I love to create beauty -with wire and stone and lots of other materials as well. I have been looking to support my hobby by selling my work to afford more raw materials. Rinse and repeat as necessary. 

Question: If you had to start over would you learn wire wrapping or another art?

Answer: Hummm... I am not finished learning even now. I can't even picture my life without wire wrapping though. I have found so many hours of creative joy and experiential fun with these materials. Besides the joy of sharing my work and seeing people love and appreciate my pieces; I can tell from the contents of my tool box (and my purchases this week alone) that I plan to continue making wire-wrapped and wearable sparklies for as long as I am able!

Question: Anything else you’d like us to know about you and your beautiful jewelry?

Answer: About my logo: At the center, the Eye of Kanaloa (Hawaiian God of Healing) is a representation of the web of life and the dream weaver. My 4 dragons stand as guides & guardians of the web; as marking the compass points and a balancing of the elements.  As someone who facilitates a remembrance of wholeness; I choose to allow my own life to clarify. This isn't just my logo. 
This is a representation of who I AM. My jewelry, like all my work, is created with healing intention. 

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See more about Kathy Hacking on her website here:

You can e-mail her directly here:

And keep up with Kathy and the event’s she’s attending all summer by signing up for her e-mail newsletter here:
KathyHacking@gmail.com or by visiting the Events & Classes page on her site.


You can buy jewelry made by Kathy at the rock shop on Main Street, downtown Salt lake City, Utah or on our website HERE. You can also take Kathy's wire wrapping class which is taught regularly at the rock shop see our schedule HERE. 

This interview was conducted by Rockpick Legend Co. and is Copy Right 2013. No reproduction in full or part of this interview maybe reprinted without permission of the owners. For reprint information please e-mail us HERE

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