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Rock Hound's Cabin Fever Party ~ January 12th

Cabin Fever Party 
Some of us are going crazy in the winter weather, and since the ground is still too frozen to go collecting at most locations, we're having a Rock Hound's Cabin Fever party at the Rock Shop on January 12th, 2013! We'll be teaching gold panning to kids and adults (free event). We are digging out hundreds of "hidden" flats full of rocks, minerals, and fossils. AND we'll be auctioning some things that are...well.. wonderful! 

Up for auction:

1. The chance to help us create the 2013 rock hounding expedition calendar--write in a date and location to personalize the calendar to your schedule! 
2. Have the crew of Rockpick create a one-of-a-kind hand-created piece of jewelry from a stone you've collected! We'll do everything from cutting and polishing the stone to hand crafted sterling silver work! 
3. Finally (and definitely not least) we will have envelopes with Rick's hand drawn maps to his most top secret rock hounding locations! You won't find these locations online, in books, or for sale anywhere else! 
There's just one thing you need to know before coming in to bid... we're not auctioning these items off with money (see below for more details)! 
Gather Rock Bucks 
To Use At The Auction
Bid at the auction using rock bucks. You can only collect these rock bucks at the Rock Shop! Here's how:  

One Rock Buck For Every $10.00 Spent At The Rock Shop Now Through January 12th, 2013.(Online and phone orders are eligible if you let us know you want rock bucks at the time of order.)  

But that's not all...Here are 6 other ways to gather as many as 90 tickets before January 12th! 

1. Come to the shop everyday from now 'til Jan. 12th (1 rock buck per day, per person). 
2. Bring in a friend! (1 rock buck per friend, 2 rock bucks if they sign up for our newsletter). 
3. Check in on a social network while you're at the Shop. (1 rock buck per day, per person who checks in). 
3. Join  us for any of our clinics, classes, or events now through Jan. 12th. (1 rock buck per person, per class, clinic, or event.) 
4. Like Us! "Like", "Follow", or "Add" us on any of the following social networks for 1 rock buck per network, per person! Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Etsy, and G Plus. (If you are already a fan or like us through this link let us know when you come in, and we'll get you your rock bucks. One per person per social network.)
5. Upload a photo of you at the Rock Shop on any social network! Tag us or show us the photo! (One rock buck per upload, max one upload per day.) 
6. Participate in any of our social networking games now through January 12th that we advertise will give rock bucks.     

Classes, Clinics, & Events Schedule

Join our upcoming classes, clinics, and events, and get rock bucks just for joining the fun!  

January 1st - 5th 

Jan. 2nd -
All Day
Breaking Geodes with Kids! $5.00 per geode. Pick a geode, learn how they are formed, and watch as we break it open! 

Jan 3rd -
2pm to 3pm
Gemstones: Fake vs. Real, The Tell-Tale Signs.
Learn what you can do to spot fake gemstones and bad deals. Taught by Rick, $20.00 per person. 

Jan 4th -
All Day
Free Mineral Identification Clinic, Plus Stump-A-Rockhound. Bring in your rocks for free identification, and if you can stump Rick, we'll give you an extra rock buck! (Limit 3 specimens per person please.

Jan 5th -
9am to 10am
Free appraisals (2 specimen maximum) regularly $75.00! Must be there before 10am, we will photograph and log your specimen. Appraisals will be e-mailed in about a week. 

Jan 5th -
2pm to 3pm
Stone Beads: Fake vs. Real, The Tell-Tale Signs. Learn which stones are real.  Learn how to tell if they are fake, dyed, man-made, or manufactured. Bring your beads.  Limit 3 per person. RSVP 801-355-7952

January 7th - 12th 

Jan 7th -
4pm - 5pm 
Rock Drilling Demonstration - Come see what it takes to drill a hole through rock! Limited space available so please RSVP. Clinic costs $5.00 per person and includes safety goggles. 801-355-7952. 

Jan 8th -
All Day 
Facebook guess the rock game! Join us on Facebook to guess the rocks, minerals, and fossils to win extra rock bucks! 

Jan 9th -
All Day
Social network check-in day! Receive an extra rock buck for checking in to the rock shop on any social network all day long!Just show us you checked in. 

Jan 10th -
4pm to 5pm
Twitter chain day! Send out a tweet about the Rock Shop using the hash-tag #rockpick in the tweet and receive an extra rock buck! (Remember to request it when you come in.) 

Jan 11th -
All Day
Free Identification Clinic, Plus Stump-A-Rockhound. Bring in your rocks for free identification, and if you can stump Rick, we'll give you an extra rock buck! (Limit 3 specimens per person please.

To RSVP for Clinics or Events 
Call Us At 801-355-7952

Call or E-mail with Questions 
About The Sale, Cabin Fever Party, 
or Upcoming Events, Clinics, and Classes. 

Rick & The Rock GangRockpick Legend Co.
The Rock Shop On Main
1017 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

801-355-7952 Local
888-762-5746 Toll-Free

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