Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fantasy Rockhounding Lineup

Here's Your Chance To Make A Fantasy Rockhounding Lineup

First be sure to swing into the 4th Annual Rock Shop Rock Show happening here at Rockpick Legend Co the Rock Shop on Main September 12th though the 14th, 2013. Then grab a 'Fantasy Rockhounding Roster" from the front counter and be sure to fill it out. There will be 3 places for your 'rock crew', 1 slot for a fantasy rock hounding vehicle and an additional place for your 'fantasy' tool. The sky is the limit on this one so have fun!!!

Fill out the roster and turn it back in for a chance to win some great prizes and be featured in one of five Fanatsy Rockhounding Lineup Catagories including, Most Clever Use of Historic Figures, Funniest Lineup and more!

Just to re-cap:

Stop into the 4th Annual Rock Shop Rock Show September 12th, 13th, or 14th (or all three). 
Fill out a Fantasy Rockhounding Roster
Turn it Back In
Watch For An E-mail Because You Could Win Some Awesome Prizes! 

Need soem help getting started on famous figures, rockin' rock hounds and more ideas? Not to worry we'll be posting articles to help kick-start your creativity from now through September 10th! And, just for kicks and giggles we asked our accountant Anita to throw out her Roster... she only had one other 'rock hound crew memeber' but here's her lineup: 

Rockhound Crew Member: Rocky 
Fantasy Tool: The Arms from "Dave" 
Fantasy Vehicle: "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" 

Well if that's not enough to get the wheels turning then check back tomorrow for another lineup! 


  1. Been waiting for this one:

    Rockhound: Roger Bacon
    Tool: Wolverine's adamantium skeleton and claws!!
    Vehicle: Kuratas 001

  2. First crew member: I pick Sydney.

  3. First crew member pick: Sydney.
    Girl has a 6th, 7th and 8th sense on finding.

  4. My rockhounding vehicle of choice would probably be one of those drill-shuttle things that Rocksteady & Bebop used to get from the Technodrome to the surface world on the old TMNT cartoon. Or maybe the Technodrome itself lol. Dig myself all kinds of rock holes with that thing.

  5. Rockhound Crew member: paul bunyan.
    Fantasy Tool: TNT.
    Fantasy Vehicle: "Spider mucker" (pics available) -C. Norman.



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