Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Labor Day from the Rock Shop

Happy Labor Day! 

We will be closed on Labor Day September 1st, however as a special treat this is your chance to grab tickets to the Fluorescent Party online! Tickets are limited and this is your only chance to just grab them! Hurry click over and RSPV to this FREE Party!

We know you've worked hard this year and could use a relax at the rock shop! So we have put together an awesome after dark VIP Party to kick off the 5th Annual Rock Shop Rock Show, AND the rock shop's 50th birthday celebration!

Grab your VIP After Dark Fluorescent Party Tickets today only!

When: September 10th  8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Where: Rocpick Legend Co. 1017 South Main Street Salt Lake City

What's Happening:
- Fluorescent Class
- Fluorescent Photography
- Refreshments
- Fluorescent Mineral Display
- 2 Awesome Hours Hangingout With The Rock Gang

Cost: The Party is FREE, the class is FREE, the photography practice is FREE, the fluorescent display is FREE, and hanging out with the rock gang... that's FREE too!

How: Grab Your Tickets Now Before They Are Gone!

There is a limited amount of tickets and when they are gone, they are gone... 

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