Thursday, November 19, 2015

Definitions of the Word Crystal

Definitions of the word crystal

Crystal; A crystal or crystalline solid is a material that has atoms, molecules, or ions arranged in an ordered structure that extends in 3 dimensions.  In mineralogy, a crystal is part of the definition of a mineral.  Every mineral has to have a crystal structure. There are organic crystals such as bone, teeth, insulin, and other compounds within living organisms.

Rock Crystal; the common variety of clear quartz.

Lead Crystal, Swarovki Crystal; A type of glass where the calcium is replaced with lead oxides.  The term crystal is used erroneously. 

Liquid Crystal; are crystals that act as a crystalline solid and a liquid at the same time.

The word crystal is also used to describe (adjective) other objects;

Crystal Clear is used to describe something that is very clear-transparent.

Crystal Mountain; there are several crystal mountains.  Some are famous for the crystals found there whether they are quartz, gypsum, feldspar, etc. And some are famous for their snow.

Crystal Watch Face; the glass watch face is often referred to as a crystal.

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