Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rotary Tumblers Vs. Vibrating Tumblers

Rotary Tumblers vs. Vibrating Tumblers

Rotary tumblers and vibrating polishers are two different types of polishers. They don’t do the same thing but each has its own usefulness and their pros and cons.

This chart shows the differences comparing quality rock tumblers such as Covington, Thumlers, and Lortone. Lesser quality tumblers like Smithsonian, Harbor Frieght, Rolling Stones, and other cheap tumblers aren’t included because their quality is so bad they don’t usually last more than a month.

Rotary Tumbler
Vibrating Tumbler

Rounds a rough rock with sharp edges to a smooth nugget.

Does NOT remove the sharp edges.

Takes 4-6 weeks start to finish.

Takes 6 days.

Uses less expensive grit per pound.

Uses more expensive grit per pound of rock.

The tumblers last longer. Sometimes decades.

The tumblers tend to not last as long. Usually less than a year.

Easier to maintain and clean.

Takes more effort to clean and maintain.

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