Saturday, September 08, 2007

How Do I Get Small Fossils for a School Project?

My son is taking a class in earth science and geology this year. We are trying to obtain specimens of different samples to put together for his class. We have a very limited budget. I have no idea what a small fossil might be worth. I realize there are different types of fossils. My question, if possible, is if it is possible to get a small fossil that might be of little or no value for this project.

If you can help or lead me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it.

Thank You


Hi George,
Thank you for your inquiry. We have small fossil samples for just this purpose. Our small sample fossils include shells and crinoids. Brachiopods are small clam shells fossilized 300 million years ago. Crinoids were a plant that looked like today’s sea-lilies. These are the fossilized stems from about 30 million years ago.

So that school children can afford to own and experience fossils, we offer these fossil specimens at $1 each.

Since they are not currently on our website, you can call to place an order. The number is 1-888-Rock-Shop. We ship Fed-Ex ground.

I hope that helps!

Rockpick Legend Co.

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