Saturday, September 01, 2007

How to Recycle The Cutting Oil in Your Rock Saw

Cutting oil, regardless of which kind you use can be recycled to save money and the environment. We recommend using either Lortone’s Premium Cutting Oil or Covington’s Rockhound Oil in any saw.

To recycle the oil this is what we do:

1. Use a clean, dry 5 gallon bucket. Place a block of wood or brick in the bottom of the bucket. If you use a block of wood it needs to be the size of a brick. The less porous the material you put in the bottom, the more oil you will recover.

2. Now take a plant container like the ones bushes or trees come in and place that in the bucket so it sits on the block. We drill extra holes in it so the oil drains through faster. Small holes don’t work as well. I like 1” holes.

3. Place a paper grocery bag in the plant container.

4. You are ready to pour in the used oil, mud and all. We drain our saw right into the paper bag.

5. Let it stand for 24 to 48 hours. We often let it stand for a week in the heat of summer to recover even more. After a week you get virtually nothing else from the mud. You can reclaim as much as 50% of your oil this way.

Happy Cutting--Rockpick Legend Co.

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