Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Children's Geology Adventure Club

Children's Geology Adventure Club!
Attention all geology enthusiasts between the ages 5 and 14 we have just arranged a children's geology adventure club just for you! Organized by the experts, designed for the kids! Come build collections, learn how to identify, learn what's valuable, what will polish, what you should keep rough. Learn how to keep a collection, organize your notes, and find the coolest minerals, and fossils! Bring your questions, rocks, and notebooks, and prepare for a whole new way of looking at rocks!

When: Every Wednesday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm (Time will vary with questions and participation).

The Details--How Much: $9.95 per child per week or $29.95 per month and includes activities, samples, take home activities, hand outs and lesson plans, taught by Rick Dalrymple and Adrienne McElwain.

Where: At the Rock Shop.

Limit: Yes there is a limit of 20 children per week. People who have paid for the entire month get priority, after that it is a first come first serve basis. The first meeting with be Aug 4th at 4:30pm. Throughout the month of August we will be learning about collecting minerals, identifying, minerals as well as how to put a collection together. This is a 4 week lesson plan and the children will earn their first **Rock Hounding Adventure Patch (Rock Collecting-see above picture)** if they participate all 4 weeks!

**If you are a school teacher and rocks and minerals are in your curriculum we now have entire packets for teaching students. It comes with a teacher's manual and student workbooks.**

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