Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Expeditions

This Saturday is the Fish Fossil & Petrified Wood Expedition!
We are limited to 20 people (not groups) and the trip is filling up very fast. This is a “First Pay—First Serve”. The trip is $80 per person. There are limits on the fish. You can only keep fish under 24 inches. For example, if you catch a 23” diplomystus you get to keep it! You can also keep the insects and the leaves.
What you can’t keep is the non-fish vertebrae fossils like snakes, alligators, birds, etc. Others may be included. The policy is very generous, as other quarries are more expensive, and you cannot keep anything over 6 inches.

You are not going to find any fossils like this.

Zeke carrying his finds from ½ hours work.

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