Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maintaining Your Rock Tumbler

When you purchase a high quality rock tumbler you can perform a few small maintenance steps that will insure it lasts for decades.
1. Oil all 4 bushings once a week. This one step alone will extend the life of a tumbler by years.  Use light weight oil.  We use Zoom® brand and it works great.  Do NOT use WD-40.
2.  Keep it covered so dust doesn't get in the bushings and motor when not in use.
3.  If the lid comes off the barrel and gets grit or polish in the bushings, REMOVE them and wash them with warm soap and water.  This may seem excessive but it is not.  A clean machine will last a lot longer than a dirty one.
4.  Do not put harsh chemicals in the barrels. Vinegar is about as strong of something you want to put in the barrel.  If you plan on running acid or harsh detergents use a glass jar or metal can with a lid instead of the barrel.
5.  Do not let your tumbler freeze in the winter.  Move it to a warmer place to run or empty it and restart it in the spring.

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