Monday, February 21, 2011

Pyrite - A Popular Choice

Pyrite is one of the most collected minerals in the mineral kingdom.  It's brassy yellow color combined with its striking luster is hard to resist. Pyrite epitomizes what collecting minerals is all about. Its appeal captures the novice as much as the most advanced collector. Pyrite is very abundant, even in good quality specimens.  This tends to keep the prices relatively low even for quality specimens. Pyrite has something else going for it besides its high luster and affordability...

 it comes in many forms. The purest form of pyrite is a cube.  These cubes, as single crystals with no visible attachment, can reach up to 8 inches.  But, pyrite comes in other shapes such as octahedrons, pyritohedrons, dodecahedrons, even wires and balls and about 200 other weird shapes.  A person could collect nothing but pyrite and have a hard time showing them all off. Pyrite forms in many geologic environments.  Most notable in the west is in association with copper, lead, silver, and gold mines. We just got in 10 killer pyrite specimens.  They are cubes of pyrite in talc matrix from Navajun, Spain.  These are a must see!

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