Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Best Rockhounding Story Contest

#1 - One of my camping trips as a young boy I found a small black/semi shiny rock off the side of the road. When we got home I had pulled it out of my pocket and set it on the coffee table downstairs. And of course being a kid, I forgot about it.  A few weeks prior my mom had bought my dad a bucket of black coal licorice. It came with a little hammer to break off the pieces of licorice to make it easier to eat. My dad loved his black licorice. 
The next day after our camping trip my dad had planted himself in his chair to watch TV like he always did to relax. He noticed a piece of his licorice laying there. Of course it was my mystery rock. After a 1/2 hour of sucking and trying to 
bight the piece of licorice he yelled at me to come down stairs. He then confronted me about this super hard piece of candy. I mentioned that we were out of the licorice for a while. He then spit out the piece of licorice and asked what it was.  I was laughing at this point that I almost wet myself. -Chuck Murillo

#2 - Okay, here is my story. This rockhunting trip begun as a deer hunting trip. We were up in the RockCreek/Blindstream area and came upon a basin. So the wife and I got out and was looking around when we notice some quartz. So I left my muzzleloader in the truck and started picking up the rocks. Suddenly the wife ducks and starts whispering and pointing. I look up and notice a group of the largest bucks I have seen staring at us. I drop my rocks and run for the truck the bucks took off running in the other direction. The wife was left in the middle laughing and still gathering rocks. Needless to say I didn't go home empty handed, I had some real nice quartz. :) -Dwayne Rasmussen

 #3 - My grandpa was a school teacher born and raised in Milford Utah.. He was absolutely astounded by the minerals in that area. He would always give me very vague direction on where to find the best mineral specimens in the area and he was physically incapable of showing me. he would say be patient and feel where they can be found. when he died a few months ago he left me a map that he had put together over the years of exactly where and what to look for as well as how many steps were needed to get to these places. following the map and knowing that I was walking in his foot steps was a truly rewarding experience. as well as some very nice specimans. - Jordan Hall

 #4 - Ok, so a couple of years ago I was in Afghanistan. I had already spent five years in the Marine Corps, but in this case I was a civilian contractor. Anyway, I was wandering around a very small base, getting ready to run around the perimeter, when I looked down and saw a weird looking rock. Being a rockologist ( :) ) I picked it up and flipped it over. There was a ton of Garnets (not gem quality) on the other side. There was even one, had it remained in perfect condition, that would have measured over eight inches across. Of course this excited the Army Soldiers on base, and I taught them what to look for. -Stewart Taylor 

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