Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How To Make Wine Glass and Mug Makers Using Beads!

Little Wine Glass & Mug Charms are so popular in all the stores right now that we keep having people ask us what's involved in making their own. Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to make these adorable charms that ensure you always know which glass is yours at all your summer bbq's and parties! 
Here is what you'll need:

1- 6 different colors of seed beads
(These strands of seed beads are just $1.49 each 
and can do about a total of 3 complete sets of charms)  
2- 6 Charms Such as These Little Mice
(These cute little Tibetan Silver charms are just .39 Cents Each) 

3- Jump Rings 
(This bag of a dozen jump rings is just .50 cents 
and, will do 2 complete sets of charms.)  
4 - 6 Wire Charm Hoops
(A bag of 6 wire hoops costs about $1.25)

Making the total cost for this project approx. $12.79 with enough beads left over to do 2 more sets, and enough jump rings to do 1 more complete set. 

Step #1 - String the beads onto the wire hoops. 
1 hoop done in each of the 6 colors. 

Step #2 - Use  jump ring to attach 
the charm onto the hoop. 

Once the charm is attached you're done! 

Total time to make a set of 6 is about 15 minutes. 
This is an easy and fun project. 

Note: the cost decreases from $12.79 to just $7.18 a set if you make 3 sets at a time (the amount the strands of seed beads will make.) 

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