Monday, August 08, 2011

Bolivian Minerals

Most, if not all, mineral collectors are familiar with the incredible mineral wealth of Brazil.  Many collectors are not as familiar with the mineral contributions of Bolivia.  Bolivia has produced many spectacular and divers minerals.   Mining history goes back to the Incas who accumulated gold and gems.  The Spanish who explored the area brutally relieved the Incas of their bounty.  Pre-Incan artifacts have been found dating back to the 1400-1100 B.C.
In the past 50 years Bolivia has produced some of the finest minerals specimens of many different species.  Specimens of phosphosphyllite, ludlamite, vivianite, cassiterite, nickischerite, silver, gold, vauxite, greenockite, quartz, native copper replacing aragonite crystals, among many, many more.
Lapidary materials from Bolivia include sodalite, stromatolite, fluorite, and ametrine. 

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