Monday, August 22, 2011

Health Benefits of Minerals

Health Benefits of Minerals

People purchase things all the time to help improve their health.  We have composed a list showing ways collecting rocks, minerals, and fossils are healthy for you.

1.  They are fat free. 
2.  Most, but not all, are low sodium.
3.  All rocks, minerals, and fossils are free of ALL trans-fats including hydrogenated oils (some may only be per serving).
4.  If you collect minerals, all you have to do is move your collection around in your house. By reorganizing your displays you can get a little cardio-workout.  If you move faster, then you can get a good cardio-workout.  If you have heavy specimens, then you can call it weight training.
5.  When purchasing a specimen for you collection, if you pay with cash, your wallet will appear thinner making your butt look better.  If you purchase expensive specimens this way, you can appear to loose a lot of weight making you look a lot slimmer.  If you carry a large purse on your shoulder and you pay with cash,  your hips will look slimmer.  This is another reason why credit cards are bad-they make us look fat.
6.  Some minerals can be ground into a fine powder and used as makeup.  Avoid the toxic and radioactive ones for this.
7.  If you carry a rock in your pocket or purse you can use it for self defense.  The bigger the specimen, the better the defense and the more expensive the specimen, the better the chance of getting acquitted.  ( If you purchased the expensive specimen from the rock shop, see benefit #5 above).

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