Friday, September 02, 2011

Enter Into The Rock Shop Rock Show Best of Season 2011

We know that many of you have been itching to show off some of the fantastic specimens you've been finding on the rock hounding trips this year! 

To help you  show them off and win some great prizes we're setting up a special cabinet just for you to display your favorite pieces during the 2nd Annual Rock Shop Rock Show! 
First prize will be a  rock hounding holster (you've seen the kids wearing them out in the field) and the Best of Season Rock Hounding Award,  There will also be prizes for "junior" rockhounders.

Just call and RSVP so we can make sure to have enough space. You'll also need to drop your specimens off sometime between now and September 7th! You won't want to miss this opportunity to show off and win big! 

If you need help cleaning up your favorite specimens before the show, NO PROBLEM, Rick will be more than happy to help! Just stop by anytime Rick's there. You may want to call first and keep in mind he'll be out in the field on Saturday this week for the Azurite & Malachite Trip to the La Sal Mountains. Speaking of which, if you haven't gotten to go on this amazing adventure yet, this is the last time we'll offer this trip during the 2011 season so sign up quickly and get your gear ready! 

We can't wait to see all the finds September 9th and 10th! Good luck!  

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