Monday, September 12, 2011

Prints In Time A Dinosaur Story - Plus New Dinosaur Foot Prints In-Stock

We just acquired 3 new dinosaur foot prints.  These are very large and attractive.  They range from $500 to $2500. 
Here is the rest of the story.  These are formed as dinosaurs step into soft sediment such as a boggy marsh leaving a deep foot print on the ground.  More sand and gravel wash into the indent in the ground filling it.  Even more sediment covers the entire marsh or bog.  Such much more sediment, that the marsh is compressed from hundreds of feet thick to only a foot thick.  This pressure transforms the marshy material into coal.  
Fast forward 65 million years and now humans are extracting the coal for electricity.  As the miners are removing the coal, these dinosaur feet prints stick to the ceiling of the mine and are later extracted by workers for safety reasons.  The prints tend to break loose and fall from the ceiling “stepping” on and killing miners.  
Most of the mining companies have a strict policy to not save these prints.  So even though they are rather common in the mines they are rarely seen outside of museums.  
We are offering an opportunity to own a piece of dinosaur memorabilia that is not only rare but is also exquisitely preserved as well as aesthetic.  What a conversation piece! 
These prints come from the coal mine in Huntington Canyon, Emery County, Utah.

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