Monday, September 10, 2012

Caring for your Beaded Jewelry

Unlike a chain, the wire used for stone beads is not meant to be dropped in a bag, twisted around fingers or looped around itself multiple times.  

While one might think that it makes no difference, this is not true. 
The wire is just that, a wire covered in a plastic coating so it doesn't poke or chafe.  
If this wire is kinked, bent too many times or there is too much force on one piece of it, it can snap and break, therefore scattering your beads everywhere. 

But never fear! This does not mean you shouldn't buy beaded jewelry!  Here is a list of ways to take care of it, and things you should NEVER do with it. 

How to care for your beaded jewelry:
  • Keep all your beaded jewelry hanging (from the clasp) on a hook in your jewelry box (or even on the wall).
  • If hanging it up isn't an option, that's OK.  Keep it laying flat instead. Lay it out in the bottom of your jewelry box or somewhere it won't get knocked off.  
  • NEVER keep beaded jewelry in a bag, purse or piled in a heap of tangled jewelry.  This leads to kinking and breaking. 
    • Sometimes the issue is not seen immediately.  The wire may kink and you may not know it. But while wearing it, it will break more easily.  If your wire does kink, and you know about it, re-string the beads BEFORE wearing the necklace.  Don't bead or know how to re-string? E-mail us, call or come in and we can help you! In the long run, fixing the issue before the whole thing falls apart will save you the cost of replacing beads, and the struggle of a broken necklace
  •   If you are going somewhere (Vacation, moving. . .etc) and need to take some jewelry that you aren't currently wearing, keep it flat and somewhere it won't get tangled.  Riker Display Boxes are excellent for this!
  • And most importantly, wear it often!  The wire used for beading with stone beads is strong and will last a long time if you take care of your jewelry. 


  1. Thanks for the tips. I have a small collection of beaded jewelry at home but I didn't know how to take good care of it until now. I liked its designs and it would've been a waste if it were to break that easily.

    1. You are most welcome! Another suggestion would be to take a picture of all of your beaded jewelry. That way, if one does break, you can have the picture so should you choose to have it repaired, the one who fixes it can put it back how it was.

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