Monday, November 12, 2012

Meteorite; the beginning…

Meteorite; the beginning…

There is more to know about meteorites than they are curiosities from space. They help us understand the beginning of…well, everything. The components that make up meteorites are the same ones that make up our planet and what we believe make up the majority of all the planets in the known universe.

Meteorite Samples from Argentina

Most known meteorites are composed of nickel & iron. This is because they are easier to find than meteorites made of stone which blends in with stone on earth. Nickel-iron meteorites are also more attractive than stony. The cross-hatched lines found in slices of nickel-iron meteorites are caused by internal crystal structures that are etched with nitric acid. Nitric acid dissolves the metal around the crystals exposing the cross-hatched lines. These lines were discovered in 1808 Alois von Widmanstäten and are now named for him.

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