Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rock Tumbling YouTube Videos

Rockpick Legend Co. Presents: 

How To Choose A Rock Tumbler, How To Maintain Your Rock Tumbler, and Just How Loud Are Rock Tumblers now on YouTube! 

We filmed a few short videos and uploaded them onto our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure!

Our Videos are designed to help you decide which rock tumbler to choose based on your personal need.

How to maintain a rock tumbler, including how to oil your rock tumbler!

And, just how loud are our rock tumblers?

To purchase rock tumblers from the rock tumbling experts here at Rockpick Legend Co. visit our shopping cart here... or call us at 888-762-5746 ! Our rock tumblers come with an exclusive 2 Year Warranty, everything you need to get started (except water and an outlet) and rock tumbling customer service via phone, e-mail, and through our forums.

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