Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Meditating with Crystals an Introductory Class

Introduction To Meditating with Crystals 
Taught By: Kathy Hacking

This will be a basic introduction meditating with crystals for anyone who currently has a meditation routine or would like to start one! The first step to any good relationship is to understand and get to know the other party. Whether your desired relationship is with a person, animal or crystal and introduction and foundation is always the first step. The other party in the relationship will greatly appreciate you taking the time to get to know them before making requests or demands of them, their resource, and their time. You wouldn't meet someone for the first time and immediately ask them for favors would you? Stones, animals, and people all basically feel the same way... come learn how to interact with your stones, and get the desired affects from the time you spend meditating! Sign up for the Introduction to Meditating with Crystals online, or by calling us at 801.355.7952. You will need to bring a water bottle, and scratch paper for notes. You may bring your favorite stone or borrow one from the shop. A Crystal Meditation CD will be available for purchase.

Learn more about the Crystal Festival Utah happening May 30th and 31st at Rockpick Legend Co. the Rock Shop on Main here... 

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