Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy 50th Birthday To The Rock Shop

We aren't just another business, we're rock enthusiasts!  I got my start in rock and mineral collecting in the 6th grade when I was tasked with a science fair project.  My parents took me to a rock shop on Redwood Road in Salt Lake CityUtah where I eet "Old Man Lewis".
Old Man Lewis, David Lewis Sr., was not just a rock shop owner.  He had an incredible history before he had a rock shop.  He was a doctor at the University of Utah, where he preformed the world's first kidney transplant.  After he retired from the medical field, he purchased a large section of land on Redwood Road.  It ran from where Redwood Road crossed the Jordan River by the Rose Park Golf Course north to the I-80 interchange, and from Redwood Road nearly to the airport property to the west.  As time went on, he sold sections of it off to developers.
Old Man Lewis, as he was commonly and affectionately referred to by his friends, got many-a-rock-hounds started in the hobby.  Over the years, he kept me going; teaching me how to field collect, how to recognize a good specimen, how to recognize a mediocre specimen, how to preserve specimens, etc..

My science fair project turned into a hobby, which turned into a passion--a lifetime of studying (including at the University of Utah and Montana School of Mines).  After moving back to Salt Lake to attend the University of Utah, I would work for Old Man Lewis' son, Dave Lewis Jr. Mostly I worked in trade for specimens.

On a hot summer day in June, 2005, I showed up to work and Dave was having a bad day and on a whim, offered me the rock shop.  I couldn't believe my good fortune. To make the situation even more unbelievable, my wife (Anita) was not apposed to buying the shop.  It didn't take long to work out a deal and whala, nearly 19 years later, here we are.

Now I and my family run Rockpick Legend Co. Each person here has found their own niche in the rock world, and we offer a complete rock experience! From our own love for rocks, minerals, and the world that has created them, to our passion for helping young and old rock hounds alike get their start into this exciting field, you can rest assured we'll be there to help you with all your rock related needs.

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