Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Cabin Fever Party Review

Third Annual Cabin Fever Party 2015

We had a BLAST! With over 20 classes, our first annual Rock Hound's Pot Luck VIP event, and the best rock hounds on the planet it couldn't have been any better! Check out our Pinterest Board Here for some of the awesome photos we took and even more that were shared with us! Thank you to everyone who made this party spectacular!

VIP Rock Hound's Pot Luck VIP Event: this was the first time we have attempted a pot luck! And, we think it turned out pretty darn awesome. We had an overwhelming response to the event and couldn't accommodate all the rock hound's that wanted to come. Because of this we are already planning on ways to expand the event for next year. The food was amazing, the company was world class, and the conversation was literally rockin'! Rick introduced the new trips for the year (no dates), handed out hand-drawn maps to non-listed public rock hounding spots, and gave out prizes to those who came. We had a great time getting to meet some new rock hounds, and the chance to catch up with some of our favorite people!

Friday at The Cabin Fever Party: Friday was a lot of fun as classes kicked off at the rock shop. We enjoyed the bursts of energy throughout the store as classes started and let out. Zeke had a great time getting to show off the work room and help rock hounds create their own pendants, cabs, and polished ends. Zeke added 3 additional lapidary classes at the request of our rock hounds! All of our children's classes filled up and we even had a few extra children in the Geode class! Because we had so much fun learning along with our jr. rock hounds we are looking into some children's camps at the shop this summer!

Saturday at the Cabin Fever Party: Several of our geology classes filled up and a few filled to 'overflow' status, we are creating a new list of classes for the summer and fall! Look for some great lapidary classes coming in September during the Rock Shop Rock Show! If you have suggestions or comments about the classes we would love to hear them! Click on the comments box below and let us know what you'd like to see this summer and in September, or what classes you'd like to have repeated!

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