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Clay Canyon Variscite Rock Hounding Expedition

Information About This Trip

Date: August 29th, 2015 - Private Claim Dig

About Variscite:

Variscite is one of the most sought after minerals in the entire mineral collecting world. Utah has produced collectible specimens from 4 different localities. The most sought after variscite in the world came in the form of nodules from the Little Green Monster Mine, Clay Canyon, Fairfield, Utah Co. Utah. Nodules to 3 feet in diameter were once mined, crushed, and processed for the phosphate ore. Today Clay Canyon variscite is the most valuable variscite in the world. High quality slabs a half inch thick and 8 inches in diameter sell for many thousands of dollars. Part of the appeal of Clay Canyon variscite is the other rare phosphate minerals that are associated with the variscite. Millisite, wardite, and crandallite are not only rare but add to the aesthetics.

How To Get In: 

*Questions and Answers about the “Bribe Field Trip” To Clay Canyon Green Monster Mine Varascite Location Aug. 29th*
This trip is so exciting that it just didn’t seem fair to put a few spots online and let them fill up all in one day. Instead the rock shop is picking up the expense for the trip and we’re letting you tell us what you think the rock shop could use, or benefit from. 

Q. How can I get entered? 
A. This is a free trip for those who win tickets (keep in mind that we are giving away 30 tickets). However, the ONLY way to get entered to win or to get on the trip at all is to bribe us! In exchange we'll give you a raffle ticket to win tickets.

Q. When is the raffle? 
A. We are going to pull one bribe ticket out of the jar EVERY Saturday afternoon until Saturday before the trip... at which point we will pull ALL remaining spots and fill up the trip.

Q. Can I pay to go on the trip? 
A. NO! The rock shop is picking up the expense of this trip for our lucky rock hounds... This trip would regularly be $150 to $155. So... bribe us! Don't hold back... this is a great trip and you'll be going for the price of your bribe if you win.

Q. What are my chances of winning? 
A. It depends on how many times you bribe us, and how many people enter. Youcan offer 1 bribe per week. That's 14 entries. That's a lot of chances to win!The more weeks you put in a bribe the more chances you have to win.

Q. I thought this claim was off limits? 
A. IT WAS! It still is to the public! We got permission for the mine owner that just took over the claim!

Q. Why cant I just buy a spot on the trip? 
A. We had too many people who were interested in buying out the entire trip for their group. These trips are for fun... for our rock hounds. So have fun winning this one! seriously this is 100% for fun. Make it fun.

Q. What is a bribe? 
A. We don't know. Whatever you come up with. So far we have had people offer to help clean for the crystal festival, bring in donuts, offer to take us rockhounding on their claims, offer house plants, mineral specimens, proof reading services on the website, and a water feature, and more. This is your chance to tell us what you think the rock shop needs, maybe give us some ideas or offer a suggestion. Food is always good, creativity is even better. This is suppose to be fun and creative. however, keep in mind the price that the rock shop is soaking up for this trip, and please be fair and kind with your bribes. We don't expect anything big (although Rick claims a go-pro may guarantee someone's spot *evil giggles* but we would like it to be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved).

Q. What if I don't get to go? 
A. We can not guarantee how many bribes we will get... but we will do our best to make sure that as many rock hounds can go as possible! Each person can only win once. So once your name has been drawn all future drawings will exclude your name. This is to allow as many rock hounds the chance to go as possible.

Q. Do I have to enter every week? 
A. No! Once you are in you are in! You can enter additional times for additional chances to win. But we will leave all names in the jar until they win, or until the trip.

Q. What if I win tickets and cannot go? 
A. Please please please let us know!!! We'd love to give the tickets away to a rock hound who can go. Unless you want to make someone bribe you for the tickets. Then that's okay too.
Good luck! If you have more questions please feel free to post them!


We are still getting a ton of calls about what a 'bribe' is.So let me read off some of them currently in the jar:

*Gas Card for the variscite trip.
*90 minute message gift card.
*Chance to dig on his claim.
*Reviewing reviews online.
*Proofreading the website.
*Hand collected mineral specimen.
*Homemade French Rubarb Pie
*2 Dozen Donuts
*Cleaning Services for the Rock Shop
*Sports Camera for Action Shots
*Awesome trailer for the Variscite Trip (See below)
*Handmade Bolo Tie for Rick
*Homemade Preserves
*Blackberry Syrup
*Chocolate Covered Strawberries
*Drumstick Ice Cream
*Cookie Basket
*Energy Drink & Soda Basket
*Nut Basket
*Gnome Trees (wire trees on stone)
*Cracker Jack Basket
*Professional Press Release
*Mineral Specimen
*Children's Geology Book for the Library

We have yet to say no to a bribe. Some of these bribes cost way more than others. Many are servies or goods handmade by our rock hounds. It DOES NOT have to be expensive. It CANNOT be cash. So have fun... make it fun... and get your first bribe in before tomorrow at 3! (All bribes recieved after tomorrow at 3 will still be eligible to win next week just not in this week's drawing.)


1st Winner - Caralee Minard
May The 4th Be With You  Winner - Melissa Clyne 

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