Friday, August 07, 2015

First Ever Adult Only VIP Mineralogy Class & Pot Luck Event

VIP Mineralogy Class & Pot Luck EventSeptember 2nd at 7:00 pm 

We pride ourselves on being family friendly, but this party might just get a little out of hand... or a lot out of hand!
Pot Luck Dinner, spoilers about all the new things coming to the rock shop... OH... and Rick is doing an entire class on rocks and minerals that look like - well body party. Yep there's a geology for that! 

Learn about minerals that form to look like body parts, enjoy a pot luck dinner with rock hounds from around the Utah valley, and get in on some of the biggest changes that have come to the rock shop in the past 20 years! 

There are only 2 ways to get into this event...

1. Win tickets by e-mailing Adrienne here, playing social games such as those on our Facebook page, or replying to e-mails with the title "I want to win".
2. Purchase a VIP or All Access Pass to the Rock Show! There are 3 passes to choose From. The VIP Lapidary Pass, The Star Lapidary Pass, or the Geo Pass. Each of these passes comes with a guaranteed spot at the VIP Event. 

This event starts at 7:00 pm, please bring your favorite dish to share and plan on staying to enjoy the evening. 

Other Things Happening at the Pot Luck & Mineralogy Class

This is a true VIP Event complete with a VIP sale and the entire rock shop will be open for VIP guests (Those with VIP Event Passes, and those who are VIP for the evening) during this event. 

Enjoy a fun Photo Booth with our red carpet backdrop and silly props! Photos will be uploaded to the Event on Facebook so you can save and print! 


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