Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rockpick Lapidary School of Arts *Teaser*

Rockpick Lapidary School of Arts

20 years ago we opened our doors for business with the new owners, and the new name! This year we are opening our doors to fun and learning through the Rockpick Lapidary School of Arts. We are expanding in a whole new way that allows our rock hounds to play on our lapidary equipment, learn ancient arts, and enjoy the rock shop through expanded lapidary room hours! 

What does the school mean for the rock shop? 

It means more fun,  more play, more learning and more classes! First we'll be able to offer an expanded selection of lapidary services at the rock shop. Our rock hounds will be able to come in and use the equipment during Lapidary School hours, and we'll be offering twice as many classes at the rock shop throughout the year! It also means we'll have a larger lapidary style work room to accomodate more students at once and allow more guest teachers to come teach at the rock shop! Find out more at the 6th Annual Rock Shop Rock ShowBuy a VIP Pass now.

Get The First Glimps of the School

To be among those that are on our VIP list for the soft opening of the Lapidary school and the first glimps of what is coming join us for the Adult Only VIP Pot Luck and Mineralogy Party September 2nd.  There are only 2 ways to get in on this event either guarentee your spot by purchasing a VIP Pass now or win tickets through Social Media, Our E-mails, or by e-mailing Adrienne here with the title "I want to win" in the subject line. Winners will be notified and e-mailed tickets. Find out more about the party here... 

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