Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Geology Library at The Rock Shop in Salt Lake City, Utah

About the Library

There are over 300 titles in the library.  Subjects include mineralogy, petrology, Utah, archeology, jade, agates & jaspers, jewelry history and jewelry making, lapidary, paleontology, gemology, fluorescence in minerals, metaphysics, and more.

This library is open for the public to use for research and just personal edification.

The books range from picture books to college level text books. There are many “how to…” books and “where to…” books.  Many are beginner books for the novice and there are some very advanced books for those who already have an understanding of a subject.

There is year’s worth of Mineralogical Record and Extra-Lapis magazines.

As time goes on and funds allow, more and more books will be added to the library.

We are always looking for more books to add to the library. Anyone who would like to donate cash can do so at the store and anyone who would like to contribute books are magazines to the library please contact Rick at 801-355-7952

The Geology Lapidary Library is located inside Rockpick Legend Co. at 1017 South Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information please call us or stop by! 

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