Monday, November 23, 2015

Geology Library Rules

Library RulesWe offer this as a free service.  Please don’t abuse it.

This library has some simple rules.

Nothing is for sale.

Please make sure your hands are clean.  Some of these books are very valuable.

No food or drinks.

Please don’t remove any of the books or specimens from this room.

Please don’t write or dog-ear the pages.

No kids under 12 years old without adult supervision.

Do not make copies.  This includes using your cell phone or camera.

Our Geology Library is just one of the services we offer here at Rockpick Legend Co. 
Other services include, Lapidary Rockpit Work Room, Scout Presentations, School Presentations, Lapidary Services, Utah Mineral Museum, Free Mienral Identification, Birthday Parties and more! 

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